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Why Choose Us

Service Principles We Live By

Our service philosophy is built on four essential pillars that inform and inspire what we do and how we do it:

Pillar I

We understand your financial needs.

Pillar II

We provide customized concierge services.

Pillar III

We are always respectful, responsive, and reliable.

Pillar IV

Our clients can bank when and how they want.

Understanding your financial needs to deliver a professional and extraordinary experience.

“Relationship banking” has become an industry buzz phrase. For Professional Bank, however, it’s not a trend or a passing fad or a marketing slogan but rather the DNA of our business. We value personal, responsive and proactive service in our own lives, and think it’s an advantage each one of our clients deserves. Please expect it of us – it’s what we demand of ourselves.

Concierge-style service: when the right fit is essential.

Whether you are on the way up — or already there — we are sensitive to the demands on your time, and to your requirements for efficient service. At Professional Bank, you work with decision-makers. Our team is empowered to provide quick solutions to your banking needs. We believe that you will find our people consistently responsive, intelligent and focused. What you won’t find is equally important: long waiting lines, red tape, complex loan approval processes, and other frustrating and time-consuming characteristics of depersonalized, large banking organizations.

Bank whenever and however you want.

We know that the workday of today’s professional isn’t dictated by the clock. Neither is ours. We offer anytime/anywhere access and the flexibility our clients need to accommodate their busy lives.

Build trust by earning trust.

Think of exceptional service and you probably think of the Ritz-Carlton. We did. And that’s why we originally trained with them on the principles of highly attentive, personalized service. Attention to the details is our way of business. We earn your trust one step at a time.